Bonus Pool

Quantity 0.000000000 TNAE
Percentage 0.000000000%
Multiple 1
ShareUSDT 0.000000000 USDT
ClaimTime 2021/09/01 00:00:00
Claim usdt reward
ShareUSDT = Pool * Percent * Multiple
Trading ranking first get double reward
Holding TNAE claim USDT every 24 hours
Claim time add 24 hours when you claimed

Trading Ranking

TOP 1 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Everyone who buy TNAE greater than 0 in one transaction their trading count will increase one. The account ranking first will get double reward when claim USDT from bonus pool. Counting and Ranking will reset and restart when the countdown is over. Here are the top ten users.
Ranking Top 10 Addresses Count
0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0

Liquidity Mining

This is HT/TNAE liquidity pair in mdex
TNAE Amount
1 TNAE ≈ 0.000000 HT
HT Amount
Your pool tokens Your pool share
00.0000000 00.0000000%
Your pooled HT Your pooled TNAE
00.0000000 00.0000000
PoolBalance 00.0000000HMDX
HealthLevel 1/6
PoolGrant 00.0000000HMDX
MiningTime 2021/09/26 00:00:00
TotalDays 0
TotalMined 00.0000000HMDX
MinersCount 0
AverageYield 00.0000000%
YourYield 00.0000000HMDX
Valuation ≈ 00.0000000HT
TotalYield 00.0000000HMDX
MiningState false
Add to Miners
Anyone click distribution when
MiningTime is up will activation
Liquidity level total six levels
Liquidity HT achieve 1000 is lv 2
Liquidity HT achieve 2000 is lv 3
Liquidity HT achieve 5000 is lv 6
PoolGrant = PoolBalance * HealthLv
YourYield = PoolGrant * PoolShare
Remaining HMDX will burn blackhole
Health level promote pool increase

TNAE Presale

Switch to HECO chain then open it
Connect wallet and submit presale
HT balance: 0.00
TNAE balance: 0.00
Presale submit
PresalePrice: 1 HT = 3000000000000 TNAE
OpeningPrice: 1 HT = 3000000000000 TNAE
Contract: 0xF07a3D2e51cF7b7a73f42F2a4d73a41BBF2eee73
Add TNAE to wallet when you presale
equal price add to liquidity pool
LP-Tokens burned into dead blackhole
Everyone can swap after opening time
Start presale: 2021/09/06 20:00
Close presale: 2021/09/16 19:00
Opening time: 2021/09/16 20:00

TNAE Airdrop

Switch to HECO chain then open it
Connect wallet and submit airdrop
Claim airdrop
Copy invite link when you claimed airdrop
Share invite link will receive more airdrop
Get same quantity when others use your link
i.e. one more airdrop when invited one user